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Sky-rocket Your Revenue with Digital Menus

VENU helps your business reach the maximum earnings potential through digital business solutions, data, analytics and customer retention / loyalty programs.

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Lovely Designs, Happy Guests

VENU Contactless Dine-in QR Menu offers a unique visual experience and easy navigation to your guests. A menu specifically designed for smartphone use, with your branding. Your customers will check out your menu while looking at your items' high-quality images and GIFs. A world-worls-class experience compared to low-quality PDF menus guests hate.

A Whole New Ordering Process
  • Increased Bill Amounts

VENU's Smart Recommendations and Cross-Selling features offer a significant increase in average bill amounts per table.

  • Increased Tip Amounts

Tips can be included, even higher tips average can be maintained with our easy one-click online payment options.

  • Increased Table Turnover Rate

A seamless ordering process through customer’s smartphone that reduces the waiting time to order, call waiter and pay.

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Your Guests are #1

Ask Personalized Questions through Feedback Feature

Custom feedback survey lets you ask any questions you need to ask your guests.

Collect Valuable Data 

Ask what is most important for your guest. Their email or birthday, and use that for your success!

Save Your Online Reputation

Satisfy your unhappy guests before they leave, by tracking feedbacks and retaining guests.

AI Smart Recommendation

VENU's AI powered technology, identifies the most preferred order combinations of items and make smart recommendations to the guests to order more and maximize your revenue and increase their bill amounts.

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