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We’re more than just a technology company

We’re a group of thinkers, makers and collaborators who are shaping the future of SaaS technology in the enterprise. We revolutionize the way restaurants and hotels navigate the digital realm through our SaaS-QR based solution, but we can’t do it without the brightest individuals out there. Join us on this journey to redefine the future of dining and hospitality technology

Our North Star

Our unique qualities are what set us apart and make us exceptional, yet beneath it all, we share a common foundation of core values. These values are the bedrock upon which we build our path to success. They aren't arbitrary; instead, they're a reflection of our collective journey and our future aspirations. Our dedicated team members, who embody these values daily, were the ones who chose them.

These values serve as our guiding light, showing us how to be our genuine and optimal selves. As we continue on this journey together, we proudly embrace our commitment to these principles, united by the values that drive us forward.


We truly care about the people we interact with. That's why we act with empathy (by understanding their needs) and proactively (by anticipating their needs). We go the extra mile in all our Interactions, striving to delight people with experiences that are unexpected and memorable.


We know we're not perfect. So we listen with open ears and humility. What we learn. we take to heart and we never stop iterating. "Continuous improvement' is our default setting. That passion fuels our drive to win—to stretch boundaries, challenge the status quo, and keep raising the bar.


We (our team, our customers, our community) have two common threads that tie us together. We're all going after this greater cause. The only way to make history is by doing it together, strengthened by diverse perspectives. We act selflessly, leaning on each other for help.


We don't just do work for the sake of doing it. We focus on what's important: the outcomes of our work. Since making a difference is what drives us. We're only satisfied when our impact is real and meaningful.


Health & Wellness

Medical, Dental, and Vision benefits including HSA and FSA, along with Mental Health Days, and dedicated mental health resources through Spring Health

Family Support

Parental Leave for all families, fertility benefits, and flexible spending account for dependent care 


Quarterly financial wellness support, Stock Options


Financial Benefits

Generous PTO and
Wellness Days

Time Away

Make your home office your own with a workspace stipend

Distributed Work


Regular In person and remote events; Employee Resource Groups

New Hire Program

Cross-functional buddy to help you learn the ropes

Reward & Recognition

Monthly, quarterly, and annual awards recognizing employee impact and contributions


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

These are not mere trendy phrases we casually use. DEI&B is ingrained in our identity and actions. We understand that you might come across similar claims from other organizations, but here, we're committed to both speaking and acting on it. With an employee-driven Diversity Council celebrating our unique perspectives, numerous ERGs fostering a strong sense of inclusion, and regular guest speakers addressing DEI&B matters, our dedication to this cause is unwavering.

Join our Team

Bring your wealth of experience and expertise to our team and join us in revolutionizing the way restaurants discover, manage, and optimize SaaS solutions within their operations.

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