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  • What is an interactive QR code menu?
    An interactive QR code menu is a digital menu solution that allows customers to access your menu by scanning a QR code using their smartphones. It offers a range of features and functionalities to enhance the dining experience and streamline menu management.
  • How can I customize the menu with my own branding?
    Our interactive QR code menu allows you to personalize the menu with your own branding. You can incorporate your establishment's logo, colors, and design elements to ensure a seamless integration with your brand identity.
  • Can I easily modify the menu items and details?
    Absolutely! With our dynamic menu management feature, you can effortlessly create and modify prices, names, descriptions, sizes, sides, extras, and images. You can also create custom modifiers to cater to specific preferences-all in a matter of seconds.
  • Does the menu support multiple languages?
    Yes, our interactive QR code menu supports multilingual capabilities. You can present your menu in multiple languages, including English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Arabic, to accommodate a diverse clientele.
  • Can I change the order of menu categories and items?
    Yes, our menu system offers flexible menu arrangement. You can easily change the order of main categories and menu items, allowing you to highlight popular sections and enhance menu navigation according to your preferences.
  • How can I showcase and promote select items?
    Our menu solution includes a featured items slider, which allows you to showcase and emphasize popular menu choices. This attention-grabbing slider helps capture your guests' attention and promotes your best offerings.
  • Can I engage guests with informative pop-up banners?
    Absolutely! You can engage your guests by pushing informative pop-up banners upon scanning the menu. These banners can include text, images, and highlight specific menu items to provide additional information or promotions.
  • Is there a feedback system available?
    Yes, our interactive QR code menu includes a comprehensive feedback system. You can create a feedback form that encompasses various formats, such as free text, star ratings, and yes/no questions. This allows you to gather valuable insights from your guests and enhance your service. You can also generate statistical reports with guests' names and mobile numbers for further analysis.
  • How does the menu handle item availability?
    Our menu system provides real-time item availability management. You can toggle item availability instantly per branch using VENU BUSINESS APP , ensuring an accurate representation of in-stock items. This helps prevent disappointment when certain items are unavailable. To activate this feature download Venu Business App: IOS Android Then, Create a waiter account for each branch and use the waiter account to log in Venu Business App. For more help contact us using chat our send us mail on
  • Can I easily manage the visibility of menu items?
    Yes, our menu solution offers quick item visibility control. You can hide or show items with ease, enabling you to manage your menu's offerings efficiently and adapt to changing circumstances, such as seasonal specials or limited-time promotions.
  • Does the menu support multiple currencies?
    Yes, you can display the menu in multiple currencies. This feature caters to international guests and provides them with a familiar pricing context. It helps create a more inclusive and convenient dining experience.
  • Can I integrate my social media accounts with the menu?
    Absolutely! Our interactive QR code menu allows you to list all your social media accounts directly on the menu. This enables guests to easily access and engage with your online presence. You can also track analytics to measure clicks and optimize your digital reach.
  • How does the ordering process work with the QR code menu?
    Our menu solution streamlines the ordering process. Guests can add items to their basket directly from the menu and show the whole order to the waiter for faster ordering and guests can know their bill as well for faster checkout process and bill splitting. Or you can upgrade to a higher Venu package which the order can be sent to the waiter for quick delivery. and guests can pay using their phones. This facilitates faster bill splitting and checkout, enhancing customer satisfaction and providing a seamless dining experience.
  • Can I track the number of scans my QR code menu receives?
    Yes, our menu system includes scan tracking capabilities. You can gain insights into the number of scans your QR code menu receives, helping you gauge its effectiveness and measure guest engagement.
  • What future analytics enhancements can I expect?
    We are constantly improving our analytics system to provide you with valuable data for decision-making. Future enhancements may include features such as guest tracking, recurrence analysis, items added to cart, ratings, and more. Stay tuned for updates that will further enhance your understanding of customer behavior and preferences.
  • Do you sell internationally?
    Yes, we offer our interactive QR code menu solution internationally. Regardless of your location, you can benefit from our all-in-one QR code menu that eliminates the need for frequent updates or replacements, providing you with convenience and versatility for your establishment.
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