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Bring the power of generative AI directly into your own venue

AI-Enhanced Marketing Campaigns

Seamlessly integrate your social media accounts and allow AI to optimize and run campaigns, expanding your reach and engaging more potential customers.

Smart Recommender

Elevate Your Dining Experience with Personalized Recommendations and Discover the next level of dining satisfaction through our innovative Smart Menu Recommender. Tailored to your preferences, it's like having your own personal menu concierge. Indulge in a curated selection of dishes that align perfectly with your tastes and needs.

New Menu AI Optimization

Utilize cutting-edge AI techniques to optimize your menu, ensuring it's always aligned with customer preferences and demands. Let the AI sell you more!

Customize Your Branding

Infuse your menu with your restaurant's unique identity by adding your logo, color scheme, and style. This seamless integration enhances brand recognition and fosters a consistent guest experience.

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Dynamic Menu Management

Effortlessly update your menu offerings in real-time. Modify prices, descriptions, images, and more with ease, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual adjustments.

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Multilingual Support

Cater to your diverse customer base by presenting your menu in multiple languages. This feature ensures that each guest can enjoy a comfortable dining experience, no matter their language preference.

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Flexible Menu Arrangement

Emphasize your most popular categories and dishes by rearranging menu items at will. This intuitive feature guides guests to your signature offerings and encourages exploration.

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Featured Items Slider

Captivate guests' attention by showcasing your most popular menu items in a visually appealing slider. This eye-catching display prompts diners to explore these crowd favorites.

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Attention-Grabbing Pop-up Banners

Engage guests with timely and informative pop-up banners. Highlight specials, promotions, or seasonal dishes to create a sense of excitement and curiosity.

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Comprehensive Feedback System

Gather valuable insights from your guests using our versatile feedback system. Collect free-text comments, star ratings, and more to continuously refine your offerings and enhance service quality.

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Real-time Item Availability

Prevent disappointment by toggling item availability instantly. Guests can trust that the menu accurately reflects which items are in stock, ensuring a satisfying dining experience.

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Quick Item Visibility Control

Effortlessly manage your menu offerings with this feature. Hide or show items as needed, allowing you to adapt to changing availability and streamline menu management.

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Currency Options

Provide a comfortable experience for international guests by displaying menu prices in their preferred currencies. This feature minimizes confusion and enhances customer satisfaction.

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Integrated Social Media Accounts

Strengthen your online presence by listing your social media accounts directly on the menu. Track clicks to measure engagement and optimize your digital reach.

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Streamlined Ordering Process

Simplify the dining experience for guests. Enable quick basket delivery, efficient bill splitting, and easy checkout, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

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Analytics 2.0

Delve into guest behavior and menu performance with comprehensive analytics. Gain insights about item popularity, clicks, and scores to make data-driven decisions.

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Marketing Campaigns

Run targeted SMS and email campaigns with the guest-subscription feature. Integrate social media accounts and utilize AI to expand your reach and keep customers informed. Highlight the subscription button for guests to receive restaurant updates.

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New Menu AI Optimization

Harness the power of AI to optimize your menu using 10 advanced strategies. Ensure that your offerings are perfectly aligned with guest preferences and current trends.

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AI-Enhanced Marketing Campaigns

Seamlessly integrate your social media accounts and allow AI to optimize and run marketing campaigns. Reach a wider audience and enhance guest engagement with minimal effort.

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Seasonal Avatars

Add a touch of creativity to your menu by incorporating themed avatars that change with each season. Create a dynamic and visually appealing experience that resonates with guests.


Choose Multiple Menu Designs

Select from various menu designs to match your restaurant's tone.

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Custom Domain

Elevate your online presence by connecting a custom domain to your menu. Establish a professional identity and make it easy for guests to find your menu online.

Scan Tracking

Measure the effectiveness of your QR code menu with scan tracking. Gain insights into engagement patterns, helping you refine your strategies and improve customer interactions.

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